Possibly Forever…

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We’ve only just met and all I can think of is possibly spending forever with you
The sun rising in the east then setting in the west and everything in between
Good morning kisses
Goodnight well wishes
Fairy-tales and fantasies
Daydreaming and hoping this dream becomes a reality
Wishing on a shooting star beneath the night’s sky hoping that of me you’ll be dreaming
You and I together forever
Our proclamation of love etched in a tree under which our love was shared
A premonition to the day we’ll pay homage as we recite our vows making promises to spend the rest of our lives together
….Together in love

©RoreyR – all rights reserved

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Dystopian Reality

Originally posted on TalesOfARose:

Dystopian realty
Everything’s awry
Convoluted thoughts
The mind ponders
Decisions to be made become harder with the passing of time
Changing variables

A heart that loves,
A mind that knows better
A complicated reality
A dystopian reality…

Everything isn’t as it seems
Smiles disguise the pain
Highs are the escape for the lows we feel
Feelings surrounded by protective walls
Barriers from the things we seek
Can you see me?
Can you hear me?
Can you help me?
Is anybody listening?

This is my dystopian reality,
A disturbed mind entertains thoughts of gloom
Pain is the constant that exists
A broken heart yearns to be whole
Fake smiles appear to be real

Reality is but a nightmare fuelled by the hurt we feel,
Love is nowhere to be found
Yet hope for love keeps us rooted here
Wishing on a star
Praying to a God near or far

Hoping for…

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